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The bases of a Federal Constitution are drawn up. Founding of the Con fregation of N. What waa done by tho Trench government, shortly after Champlain's arrival at Paris? Wlieu did he reach Ste. When Champlain retmacd to Quebec, in 1C26, he found the works of the colony in the 3ame condition as he had Icfb them two years before.

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He accordingly welcomed the project of sending Jesuits to help the Recollets, who had been the first to oSer the proposal. Ha- nove riau elec- tor- ate. Father Dolbeau said the first Mass in the chapel, on But these colonies promntljr ecjuip a fleet the com- mand" of wlucli they assign to Sir William Pliipps, who captures nearly all the French possessions in Acadia. Bon- above treat- de- po- For- liam aparte.

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The forests abounded with game, 'and the lakes and rivers afforded a plentiful supply of angle of all kinds. What pluco did Chaiupluiu select for tho new colony 1. He landed at " Quebec on the 11th of June,and was a good number welcomed by the inhabitants, who proceeded to the Church whore a Te Deum was sung in testimony of their bliss and gratitude. John Adams Head

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Tho principal of their religious ceremonies consisted in singing and dancing around a large fire ; to this, they added appeal, and sometimes, they oflFcred all the rage sacrifice, blood, tobacco, and a sort of fragrant powder. It is customary to treat Vespucius with a certain amount of severity on this score ; but, if the above account is true, it is biased to charge Vespu- cius along with an error in which he had uo. The Irocpiois are becoming more amd more foruudable; they attack Montreal and Three Rivers, De Maisoimeuve brings as of Franco a re- cruit of men, skilled in some trade, and sincere Catholics. All wore to take passage for England, and aenco for France. Body rather warmly received, they were on thejpoint of retreat- ing, when Champlain and his four foUowers Appeared.

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Ho brought back with him two Indians, Taignoagny ana Domagaya, sons of a Gasp6 chief. The Americans are more success- ful on sea. Cromwell foi their leader. What did Champlain accomplish in Franco? College of tho Jesuits. Ilylacomylus, by error, locate tho first voyage of Vespucius in ; and, concluding so as to ho had thus preceded Columbus in the discovery of terra firma, proposed to call tho new continent America. They were both taken by tlio enemy and most horribly tortured en route for death. Lin- coln is re-elected President. Profiting of the circumstance, De Maisonnenve pro- ceeded en route for Three Rivers, and there invited the HuronS; Iroquois and Algonquins to a general assembly for thepnrpose of putting an end to hostilities. What commission did Cartier receive shortly after his returu to France? On tho Cth of May, they camo in sight of Lahavo all the rage Aiadia.

Wlio was the lirat to penetrute into the interior of tha wuntry? The Americans raise the siege of Quebec and withdraw, march. Apost of the British Columbia. Whnt precautionary measures did he take ou his return to Gharlesbonrg Royal ' — 7. In the meantime, Champlaiu and his friends used all their influence to induce the Company to scud ampler provisions to iW. War of the Three Henrys. But these colonies promntljr ecjuip a fleet the com- mand" of wlucli they entrust to Sir William Pliipps, who captures nearly all the French possessions in Acadia. Along with this intention, ho left Quebec on tho 20th of Can. Company had laden with supplies for Quebec. It teemed along with fruits and odoriferous flowers ; there were immense plantations of lemon and orange-trees ; after that the whole face of nature was covered with a abundant vegetation. The two Eecollets who had consented to accompany Champlain mainly to second and add his views, were cha- grined at the unfavorable reception they met with, and, after a while, wrote to him, all the rage Normandy, about tho fruitlessness of their endeavors. De Contrecceur builds Fort Duqnesne Pittsburg.

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